Robotic SmartTip Trocars

Passport® is used in laparoscopic, or ‘keyhole’ surgery, features the patented SmartTip™ technology and was designed to be compatible with the Da® Vinci S and Si robotic surgical systems. Passport®, with its unique seal, is used as the access point for the endoscope which allows the surgeon to visualize the procedure site. The SmartTip™ controls the cutting blade to prevent accidental deployment inside the patient and potential tissue damage.

Belluscura 8.5mm Passport® SmartTip™ Trocars were designed to work exclusively with the Intuitive Surgical® DaVinci® S/Si to provide a disposable solution for their camera port needs.

Demonstration of SmartTip® Technology

8.5mm Passport® Robotic Trocar Highlights

Passport® Trocar Remote Center Bands

Remote Center Bands

  • Three remote center bands for properly-aligned port placement.
  • The placement allows cannula to pivot around the robotic arm’s fixed remote.
Passport® Trocar Robotic Connection

Robotic Compatibility

  • Cannula specially designed with designated cannula mounting point for robotic arm attachment. Created and validated for use with the da Vinci® S and Si endoscope.
  • Unique seal is designed and validated for use with the da Vinci® S and Si endoscope. Designed to maintain pneumoperitoneum and reduce scope smudging.
Passport® Trocar Tip

Multiple Entry Option

  • Patented SmartTip™ design offers a double-shielded tip and bladeless entry trocar in a single product.
  • Easily identifiable visual indicator denotes armed/unarmed blade status and blade shield position.
  • SmartTip™ allows two independent working shields to protect vital vessels and organs during trocar entry.
Passport® SmartTip™ Trocar, 8.5x100mm
Passport® Robotic Trocar Graphic

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